Khamis, 12 Mac 2009

Bagai si Buta Memimpin si Buta

As for the Education Ministry’s move to teach the two subjects in English just so that the English standard may be improved among our students, I have this to say. You all are laughable in your stupidity!

Just imagine a Form 2 student. All his school life he has been taught Maths and Science in Bahasa Malaysia. That means 8 years of his life. One fine day he wakes up and go to school and “campur” becomes “add”; “tolak” becomes “substract” and “pecahan” becomes “fraction”. In science, “buah pinggang” suddenly becomes “kidney”; “karbon oksida” morphs into “carbon dioxide” and “khatulistiwa” becomes “equator”. How in heaven does that make his command of the English language better?

And what about the teachers? All these while, they teach Maths and Science in Bahasa Malaysia. And one fine day they have to switch into English. And not to forget, they are also the product of a school system which taught them in Bahasa Malaysia. It’s like the proverbial buta leading the buta! Are you all nuts?

Please. If the thinking is that the standard of English would suddenly improve by teaching these two subjects in English, don’t even bother. It is not going to work! A more total and holistic approach is needed to achieve that objective. This is not going to work.

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